Re: no anti-aliasing on iOS

Patrick Perdue

Playing with it a bit more:

The filter definitely filters out the highs, but it also resonates rather a lot somewhere around 900hz.

On 2/26/2021 10:53 AM, Patrick Perdue via wrote:
OK, never mind, I see it now, and it works.

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On Feb 26, 2021, at 10:33, Patrick Perdue via <> wrote:

I definitely don't see that checkbox anywhere on-screen using voiceover. Should I clear cache somewhere, or something?

On 2/26/2021 10:00 AM, Steve N4IRS wrote:
I don't know how this will work with voice over, Under the roger beep is a check box for Lowpass Filter. Below that is the Frequency slider for the LPF. The picker which I guess would not be used on IOS is to select your sound device.

On 2/26/21 9:49 AM, Patrick Perdue wrote:
I don't see this in the settings tab on iOS. I have roger beep, keep screen on, full screen, timeout, mic gain, microphone selection, and download HUC root SSL certificate.

Next to microphone gain is something that voiceover called "new line", which brings up a picker item, which crashes Safari when I attempt to change the value of... whatever it is.

However, I do see the checkbox and frequency slider for the low pass filter using Firefox on Windows.

On 2/26/2021 6:10 AM, Steve N4IRS wrote:
When you get a chance, please re-test. Mike has added a lowpass filter option for receive audio on the settings tab. The option is a checkbox and a slider. Please let us know the results.

73, Steve N4IRS

On 2/24/21 10:18 PM, Patrick Perdue wrote:
Hi Steve et al.

Was just checking out the demo on a few platforms, and noticed that there is no anti-aliasing in Safari on iOS for audio playback. I remember specifically reading a message a few months ago on the DVSwitch list around the time DVSwitch Server was released that this was done on purpose. Just wondering what the technical reason is for that. It turns out that I have pretty bad tinnitus, so I'm unusually sensitive to that sort of thing, to the point where I quite literally flinch when I encounter it. I'd' really love to use this on iOS, but that will be hard in my case at the moment. Is input affected in reverse? I assume something about the way iOS does HTML5 doesn't like lower sampling rates, or the overhead needed for anti-aliasing breaks something else.

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