Eric N0NKI

Excellent work, loving this software.

I have a question if you can point me in the right direction,

I have converted my dvswitch installation from using the dvswitch mobile client to using the http/web client. It's working great.👍 I had no trouble with your instructions at all. I truly appreciate your efforts and contribution to our hobby!

Q: What would I need to do to also support the mobile client and/or more than one USRP client at a time? I know I've also bumped into this when starting the python client while my mobile phone was still connected. Can I have all three connected at one time? I assume I need to duplicate some of the services?

73 and Thank you,

 -Eric  NØNKI

Bud --W0RMT

You can connect more than one client at a time, and more than one user at a time using Analog_Reflector. So if you’ve got your hUC client connected to AR, you need to also configure the USRP connection on your Android client to connect to AR rather than Analog_Bridge (AB). To do this, use the “mobilePort” number in Analog_Reflector.json as your USRP port for connection in the Android client.

And if you want to make these connections from outside your LAN, be sure to forward that port on your LAN.