Analog Reflector modes

Steve N4IRS

One of the things we have been asked is what modes does Analog Reflector support. The simple answer is AR supports all of the same modes that DVSwitch Server supports. That would be DMR, STFU, D-Star, YSF, NXDN and P25. There are 3 other modes that are supported by AR. AllStar and Intercom. I'm not sure I can really call Intercom a mode. Intercom is simply a way for AR connected clients to talk without going out over a network.

In AllStar mode, AR connects directly to an AllStar node via USRP and AMI. This gives an AR connected client full control of the AllStar node. Since AR connects via USRP, you have to set the proper channel driver in rpt.conf. The BIG upside to this is that all you need to add a HTML interface to an AllStar node is AR. For Allstar nodes that just want to add the HTML interface, it's a simple apt install analog-reflector. We HAVE tested on HAMVOIP it can be a simple unzip and a script. I just tested this on my ClearNode. I connected AR to node 1999 (after stopping AB) and it's working. Since CN shipps with AB connected to 1999, we will have to add a second private node. As a proof of concept it works. A HTML client for AllStarLink / HAVOIP

Long story short, AR will provide a simple to install HTML interface for a AllStar node.

Steve N4IRS

We are coming up on 2 weeks since we released Analog_Reflector. There has been a lot of work done in the internals of Analog_Reflector to improve it's ability to connect to the other DVSwitch components. Analog Reflector is quickly becoming the primary client facing server. Analog_Reflector offers quite a few advantages and we are expanding that quickly. 

One of the areas we are working to enhance is the ability to use Analog_Reflector (and the HTML client) as a client for the AllStar node. We are paying a lot of attention to the user interface. We are looking at how best to present a user interface for both HTML and Android. This like most areas of Analog_Reflector. Analog_Reflector and the HTML client are a pretty simple add on for an existing AllStar node.. We have an example AllStar node running at As I said, its a moving target and we are testing ideas on that server. Login and take a look around.