How to edit the Mode Menu to add custom TG to the list

Mike Zingman - N4IRR

From the doc:
  • arRoot contains two subdirectories; modes and users. The modes

    directory contains one file per mode. Each file contains a list of display names and talk groups. Edit this file to add your own favorite places. 

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I read the section below on editing the Mode Menu, but am a bit lost on which file to edit??
any help appreciated.

■ Editing the modes menu

  • ●  Analog_Reflector allows you to maintain a set of mode specific

    favorite talk groups and/or macros. Each mode is displayed in the talk group list of the client application when that mode is activated. You should edit the mode list (with your favorite editor) to customize the client's favorite items to your tastes.

  • ●  Mode json file name construction

○ Each mode menu file name is constructed by combining

the mode name (DMR, YSF, P25, etc) and _node.list.json. All 5 digital modes and AllStar menus are shipped with the reflector.

  • ●  Mode menu items

    • ○  disp - The text to display in the menu

    • ○  tg - The string to send to AB when “connected”

  • ●  Macro buttons

    • ○  Each mode can also display a set of “macro” buttons on

      the hUC screen. A macro is just a convenient way of showing a command or talk group you would like to access. Most common usage would be network selection commands.

    • ○  Macros are set up by creating an array (called macros) which contain a list of disp and tg items. These are formatted just like the “tgs” items.


Thanks I did find that and edit it. 

still some issue with the dmr plus config. Are there any  other working example of TG like for 3802 on DMR+