locked sticky Updates to Analog_Reflector

Steve N4IRS

Updated Github and DVSwitch apt repository Analog_Reflector to version 1.1.16

  • Fix autoMute false case
  • Kick now just kicks specific client by UUID
  • Fix crash on DVSM for Intercom and ASL modes
  • Add non-AB keep alive to the reflector

Steve N4IRS


Updated Github and DVSwitch apt repository Analog_Reflector to version 1.1.17

Release 0.9.17

  • -cmd will return raw results to sdtout which can be parsed by other apps
  • In addition, it will suppress other console output, but the log is still updated
  • Add exitReflector command
  • Trim callsigns
  • Use new URL for allmondb
  • Error message if allmon db can not be downloaded
  • AllStar set default metadata callsign to node callsign
  • Add amiPort to asl object
  • If autoMute is true, force AllStar to mute on startup
  • Reuse UDP ports
  • Error processing on hostname lookup
  • Make sure all MQTT results are strings
  • Exit processing and cleanup
  • Make long log lines horizontally scroll in hUC

Steve N4IRS

Update to 1.1.18

Release 0.9.18

  • hUC toast for corrupt json
  • Define reflector exit codes
  • Add mode specific UI
  • Modal iOS warning on cert mismatch
  • Package latest doc file
  • Fix AR to AR tune processing
  • Add DVSM support for available modes
  • Add AllStar node list highlight for transmitting nodes
Note: mode specific UI looks great. 

Steve N4IRS

I seriously fumbled the update packages for a couple of architectures. If you did not get 1.1.18 please do another update / upgrade.
That's what I get for getting interrupted while building packages.

Steve N4IRS 

Steve N4IRS

Update to 1.1.21

Release 0.9.21

  • Log dates in UTC
  • AMI Reconnect in 30 seconds
  • ASL dial without * uses ilink 3
  • Mute text messages to ASL unless bridged
  • AR warn in log if node number is not in database
  • Fix database reload each 24 hours
  • hUC add ASL right mouse menu (unlink, Stats and bubble map)
  • Add MRU menu if not in advanced mode
  • hUC hover text fixes
  • ASL color code for direct connect nodes

Release 0.9.20

  • Automute changes now mute all modes/bridges that are not the current mode/bridge
  • Allow bridges to be like modes when added to the clientModes array
  • Fix small bug in ASL where no nodes are returned from sawStat
  • Allow bridges to dial when the current mode
  • Allow spaces in mode file names
  • Begin making Firefox better (not done yet I think)
  • Suppress zero DMR ID display
  • Fix P25 TG list