Re: DAHDI timing and ASL


HV did a fix where idle data is set to the URI constantly. You can see this in that the green LED behaves differently in HV nodes vs ASL. David said that helps with delayed audio causing the "hear yourself echo" on repeaters. I’ve never heard that it fixed a stuttering ID on FOB startup. 

A similar symptom is a startup stutter from connected nodes at first transmissions. I’ve always assumed that is the IAX jitter buffers adjusting from the relaxed value (40ms) to something larger as needed. 

On Dec 30, 2019, at 10:47 AM, Steve N4IRS <szingman@...> wrote:

Not sure what you mean by running the data stream continuously. I'm thinking a startup delay may help, but both seem like a hack rather then a fix. What channel driver are you seeing this with?

Steve N4IRS

On 12/30/19 1:43 PM, Ken KE2N via Groups.Io wrote:
This (dahdi_dummy) worked well with my RPI3 and it even helped results on a big hulking quad core machine, by raising the occasional worst-case result..

The remaining problem that I see with ASL1.01 is - for lack of a better name - usb fob startup.  When the repeater has been quiet and decides to spit out a morse or voice ID, sometimes the first morse character or the first syllable or two of the voice comes out choppy. 

In the other camp I believe they fixed this problem by running the data stream continuously, is that hard to do?



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