USPR and GPIO (4 wire analog interface) to P25 #analog_bridge #mmdvm_bridge

Steve N4IRS

That's good to hear. I knew Stacy had forked the ASL_GPIO repo. I have added the channel drivers from that repo to <> which is a work in progress. In the long run we want to get away from the dependency on OSS and move to ALSA. The DVSwitch repo is where we are working to enhance the ASL to DVSwitch connectivity.

As to the mode change, We have moved on from swapping .ini files to a method to tell AB to switch modes on the fly. See <> Everything is done by and is executed by dvsm.macro.

For the Dashboard, I have been working (on my stack of round to it) on <> which is nothing but a hack to the existing MMDVMHost dashboard. MMDVM_Bridge will be getting changes to the logging output so that the dashboard can better scrape the log. That is unless we move to something more robust like a stream from MB to the dashboard and bypass the need for log scraping.

Steve N4IRS 

On 1/23/2020 8:22 AM, Tim VK3TIM wrote:

Hi Steve,
I have a  ASL node setup with
"First node" using the modified simpleusb drivers " I think you may have originally setup ASL_GPIO_Master" that was later forked ( .
This allows the use of Pi GPIOs for the analog PTT and COS audio via a CM108 sound card -"4 wire E&M." - "I use a customised Pi Hat for this."
"Second node" is using USRP to Analog Bridge.
"First node" Using DTMF scripts in ASL for the * commands for the Mode change and the TG changes much similar to your original DVswitch approach with multiple .ini files.
At this stage all seems to be working well.
I did notice when activating a "mode" change command that the analog bridge service had to be restarted three times in the script when making the changes to the analog_bridge.ini  copying them to temp and then copying back to the opt/Analog_bridge directory or it would sometimes get stuck - This also happened to me on the original USRP controls using DVswitch (it also meant that with every "mode" change I had to register again but that didn't worry me.)
- What i am looking into now is a user dashboard to see what the Modes and Talkgroups are actually on visually and possibly  audio commands back over the "First Node"

(I think I am already in that group will take a look.) 
Thanks for all your great work.

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