Retaking on the ASL<->YSF personal project #analog_bridge #mmdvm_bridge

Tito Lopez - YN1OB

I have been away from the groups for a few months now and would like to restart the project in which I would like to bridge ASL to YSFN strictly.
I have both fresh installs of Allstarlink and YSF reflector. Both running on vultr provider.
Since I have the YSFReflector running on a separate machine I need to start with Allstarlink.
Allstarlink is up and running with echolink enabled which is running fine.
I see that there are write ups to to ASL-DMR but my fav is YSF.
Let me know what I need to do to get that working.
 Thanks to all those who take time to point me out in the right direction.

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