Re: Retaking on the ASL<->YSF personal project #analog_bridge #mmdvm_bridge

David Martin

Hi Tito,
Without knowing exactly what you want to do, I would say you do need,

A, a 'usrp node' for analog_bridge and mmdvm_bridge to connect to. And,

B, a simpleusb node for your all-star/echolink numbers that will connect to the loudspeaker/microphone.

These are then connected together in asterisk on startup.

If you are really starting from scratch and you need guidance then I suggest you follow the ASL to DMR how-to. 
Get that working then make changes as per Steve's email earlier to connect to YSF.

I have built two of these and they work well. Let me know if I can help further.  

Dave Martin VK3KQT

On Tue, Mar 24, 2020, 07:19 Tito Lopez <OBUSTOS01@...> wrote:
I guess I failed to mention that I will host a radioless node. so I do not need the "1999" as i want the "radioless" node to be the bridge.
Back on the ALS<->YSF Bandwagon again.... just cant quit as it is a learning experience.

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