USRP and rpt.conf setting

Pierre Martel

Hi, I am trying to make a bridge between a DMR tg and an allstarlink node and an extension on Hamshack Hotline. 

all those are on a VPS that I use also for anouncing my /24 in the 44 net and a vpn server. running latest debain and up to date

I installed allstarlink from the repo all went well. I programmed my node as a radio less hub at first then connected it to allstarlink. All was good. I then switched the driver for the node to USRP and then installed DVswitch from the repo (made sure the USRP driver were loaded and I rebooted between every action, asl install, connection to asl, switch to USRP, install dvswitch. 

Then I used the dvs menu to do the initial config, all went well, and Now if I go on the dashboard I can see that I am connected to BM ( in mmdvm mode but I will connect with a openbridge connection later on, I am one of the admin for BM Canada).

Now If someone connect to the dmr side of thing all we hear is Ellison saying node xxxxx timeout and a bout 1 seconde of the dmr sound then Allison, then another secound of dmr ect. till the dm side has no more data to send.. I am using the software vocoder. But I do have multiple vocoder thumb that I could link to the system if it would be usefull. 

Anyone could help me fix that?

I did not do any linking to HH yet as I want to first have working system before trying to break things in the dial plan ;-)


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