Re: DVSwitch Server plus AllStar image

Steve N4IRS

I assume it's possible. I'll try to take a look tomorrow. I have done some work on the DVSwitch Dashboard to allow it to live outside of webroot which is running on Apache. That way it can be at /dvswitch. I'll see what I turn up tomorrow.


On 2/20/21 4:46 PM, Tom Corcoran wrote:

Hello Steve,
I followed change you suggested but still “waiting”. Not a big issue. Can use iaxrpt to serve my needs. It’s great to have both apps on one platform. 

I know you have said you don’t use Super/Allmon but FWIW, these browser apps are accessed by entering the IP address of the RPi and appending a /allmon2 or /supermon2 to the URL. The DVS Dashboard works fine, but could this be creating some kind of contention problem?

Tom VE3NY 

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