Re: Install just Allstar on Debian 10

Steve N4IRS

Yes, you can install just AllStar on Debian 10 IF it is armhf (RPi) or AMD64 (intel 64 bit)
First, make sure you system is up to date:
apt update
apt upgrade

If any updates were installed, reboot

chmod +x buster

apt update

verify install is possible:
apt install allstar --dry-run

If no errors:
apt-install allstar

logout or reboot

asl-menu to configure.

Steve N4IRS

On 2/21/21 12:34 PM, Jeff Lehman, N8ACL via wrote:
HI Steve!

I was looking to see if it is possible to install just Allstar on Debian 10. I tried searching in the group but I may have missed it. I have a Debian 10 box sitting here being under utilized (it just runs my Plex Media Server and some internal websites) so I wanted to move Allstar to it to free up an old netbook I have sitting here for another project. I don’t have a need to DVSwitch Server, that is why I was wondering if it was possible to use your updated images to install just Allstar.


Jeff, N8ACL

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