Failure code : (29) Bad Password or Stanza

Ken, K6EFJ

I have installed the new DvSwitch Server and Allstar image. The Dvswitch Server works perfect. My problem is I am having a issue with setting up Allstar.
When entering the configuration menu (asl-menu) I have done the following:
Set Root Password <no>
Change dvswitch User Password <no>
Existing hostname is dvswitch
Existing Domain Name is Not Set

Existing FQDN is dvswitch
IP address is DHCP
Have selected Dahdi/pseudo for repeater interface channel driver

The Allstar node # 50414 and port # 4569 are both correct on Allstar and port #4569 is correct in iax.conf.

I get a Failure code : (29) Bad Password or Stanza no matter what I change. What am I doing wrong.

Thanks for your time and any help or thoughts,
Ken Smith K6EFJ

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