Re: Failure code : (29) Bad Password or Stanza

Steve N4IRS

As it says,
Copy the stanza [iaxclient] below and change the name from iaxclient to your callsign. Example [W1ABC]

Change the secret =  Your_Secret_Password_Here to your password. secret = blabla

For extensions.conf, In [globals]
NODE = is probally already set to your node number. If not, set it.

On 2/21/21 8:15 PM, Ken, K6EFJ wrote:
Yes I did, but I have a question, do I delete the existing  stanza [iaxclient]  then add the stanza in wiki 8719 or just add the new one with my call sign? Also should I add NODE 1999 to [globals] in extensions.conf

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