Re: Allmon on dvswitch

Steve N4IRS

AllMon2 support at <>

# As root:

cd /srv

cd /var/www/html
unzip /srv/
mv allmon2-master allmon2

cd allmon2/
cp allmon.ini.txt allmon.ini.php
# edit to taste
nano allmon.ini.php

# If you are using lighttpd as your web server. (default in DVSwitch Server)
lighttpd-enable-mod sse
systemctl restart lighttpd

# generate the password for the control panel
password=$(openssl passwd -apr1) ; echo admin:$password >.htpasswd

# IF you are going to use the control panel
cp control.panel.ini.txt control.panel.ini.php
# edit to taste
nano control.panel.ini.php
 and edit to taste

# setup daily download AllStarLink node list
echo "php astdb.php" >/usr/local/sbin/astdb
chmod +x /usr/local/sbin/astdb
ln -s /usr/local/sbin/astdb /etc/cron.daily/astdb

AllMon2 support at <>

On 4/16/21 3:56 PM, Kevin N9OIG wrote:

[Edited Message Follows]

This is from the readme from 3 years ago.
I guess I cant paste it here but the readme doesn't explain hot to install it references redhat it references acid and this is Debian.

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