Allison Ducking

Steve N4IRS

Just a quick note for now.
Adam KC1KCC and Mike N4IRR have ported the Allison ducking code from Steve W9SH to the DVSwitch fork of ASL. We are still testing but we know that you can now reduce or increase the level of Allison sent to a connected radio, USRP (Analog_Bridge) or DVSM. We are still testing the actual reduction of Allison level if there is a inbound signal. This should be considered a work in progress.
Add these settings to the node stanza of rpt.conf:

telemnomdb = -10
telemduckdb = -10
;down = -30
;up = 10
;normal = 0

Steve N4IRS


Looks like we missed ducking for local rx.  It’s currently only ducking for remote.  I’ll submit a pull request later on this evening.