Shall we play a game? AKA Testing AllStar on Raspbian Buster

Steve N4IRS

As part of a larger project I have built apt packages to install AllStar on Raspbian Buster. These packages are armhf only and only for testing installs.
The stock Raspbian Buster kernel does not support OSS the USB channel drivers will not work.

This is NOT intended for production use.
This is NOT intended for people that don't know their way around Linux
This is intended for testing the package installs.

I started with a bone stock Raspbian Buster lite image.
Before I booted the image I added a file ssh to the boot partition so I could ssh into the machine.
I booted on a Pi3B for testing
I did the following:
    1  apt-get update
    2  apt-get upgrade -y
    3  cd /etc/apt/sources.list.d/
    4  echo "deb buster hamradio"
    5  wget -O - | apt-key add -
    6  apt-get update
    8  apt-get install allstarlink
   15  reboot

Yes, that is a edited history output.
I will be working on the apt packages and maybe some changes to the binaries.

If you want to play along, feel free to report issues. I understand that this has a limited value but It's a start...

73, Steve N4IRS

Steve N4IRS

I have modified the DAHDI DKMS to only build dahdi and dahdi_dummy (for speed) 
A few other small tweaks.

Steve N4IRS