Dropouts DVSwitch-Allstarlink-DMR

Mark Simon

 I have AllStarLink <> DMR working, however I'm not sure if the performance issues I'm having is related to my hardware, network, internet, or just the nature of the setup.  I'm having frequent audio dropouts on the DMR radio.  With the Allstar node connected to another node, I'll hear audio on the 192.168.1.xx web page that seems to be stable.  I believe this is the Allstar <> USRP connection.  However, I will observe the audio is not consistently making it's way through the TGIF Prime network to my Zumspot and HT.   

I am using a Raspberry Pi 3 wired to my network.   Also the Zumspot is a PI Zero.  My question:   Is audio dropouts the symptom of a lack of PI horsepower or memory?  Or, to I have some settings that I should revisit.  

Wondering where to best invest my efforts.     Mark  -    Wd9jen  @   aol.com