Linked 2m Repeaters - Rehash


Hi guys

This is more of a guidance question with the hope of a push in the right direction.
Our club has 3 main sites I look after which are normally linked via either IP or RF but the time has come to rehash the 3 main sites & bring some simplex satellite nodes online for remote coverage.  
The plan is to use something like AllStarLink as the linking/access method.
My questions are :

Do I run a central server and have all sites connect to it like a Private DMR Server
Do I point all the clients to VK2RGN (as per the drawing)?

I am more that happy to run a server in one of my racks with 1Gbit fibre connection available and point dynamic clients to it.

What hardware are you guys running for this type of interface?  All the Simplex nodes are Motorola GM3xx series radios.

Im open to any feedback :-)



Brad N8PC

you can just set allstar as a hub on the main site and others as a node linked to it. no problem