DVSwitch Server plus AllStar image 21 messages By Steve N4IRS ·
Failure code : (29) Bad Password or Stanza 7 messages By Ken, K6EFJ ·
Install just Allstar on Debian 10 5 messages By Jeff Lehman, N8ACL ·
Dropouts DVSwitch-Allstarlink-DMR By Mark Simon ·
USRP and rpt.conf setting 3 messages By Pierre Martel ·
ASL -> DMR analog_bridge MMDVM_Bridge startup at boot 3 messages By bretteld74@... ·
NODE switch via DV Switch mobile By StewartVK3PR ·
Lost Audio analog ASL <->DMR #analog_bridge #mmdvm_bridge By Tito Lopez ·
Shall we play a game? AKA Testing AllStar on Raspbian Buster 2 messages By Steve N4IRS ·
Retaking on the ASL<->YSF personal project 8 messages #mmdvm_bridge #analog_bridge By Tito Lopez ·
USPR and GPIO (4 wire analog interface) to P25 3 messages #analog_bridge #mmdvm_bridge By Steve N4IRS ·
DAHDI timing and ASL 13 messages By Steve N4IRS ·
fob startup - was: DAHDI timing and ASL 2 messages By Ken KE2N ·
Allison Ducking 2 messages By Steve N4IRS ·
Text messaging support added to chan_usrp By Steve N4IRS ·
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