locked Re: BrandMeister authentication in a Loop ?? #support #closed

Corey Dean N3FE

I can assure you we have NOTHING in the System that looks for “hblink” and denies the connection.   This is totally false.  Regardless, we have ask numerous times not to do it!!!


On Oct 25, 2020, at 7:23 PM, Simon via groups.io <simon@...> wrote:

I can however, answer the original question. It appears deliberate. BM Masters don't appear to allow login from anything that identifies as HBLink. There are two solutions, only one of which is "correct".

  1. use Openbridge
  2. Don't identify as HBLink


On 25/10/2020 23:19, Charly wrote:
Thanks for the answer dear Corey, I will open a ticket requesting the Openbridge connection data to BM, thanks.

Charly XE2SSN

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