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Chris Whitam

Good Afternoon All.  I am using hblink to take a pair of MMDVM_Bridges and link them into an XLX server.  The only issue is I do not see a way to have hblink automatically connect to a particular module on the XLX reflector.  I know using MMDVM Options of XLX:4001 will auto connect to Module A, this does not work for HBlink.  Currently I have hblink taking audio in from the bridges on the correct talkgroup and sending audio to XLX on TG4100.  In theory this should route the audio to module A however it still will not auto link to the module.  Am I missing something simple?  Is there a way to do this?  I should add that I have the XLX server correctly configured as a peer stanza and HBlink does connect to the XLX server, and the XLX server shows HBlink as a connected node.  However it is shown with no module connected.  

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