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Sérgio PU5SMS

Hello Eric ... my friend things are getting more and more complicated for me ... with every change you make, one more thing doesn't work on my server ... I decided to start everything from ZERO ... I formatted the VPS and I already cloned the files and I want to do the right thing ...
Can you please do a step by step of what comes next?

Thanks to you and sorry to take your time and I promise that as soon as it is running again as it did a month ago when we did the tests here and everything went very well, I will do the tests with the radios that I talked about earlier. On 12/012021 I had the program running very well with Tytera, AnyTone and Alinco radios, today 17/02/2021 none of them work ... I missed something in the meantime ...



Em sáb., 13 de fev. de 2021 às 14:06, Eric - KF7EEL <kf7eel@...> escreveu:

It looks like there is an invalid setting for the user icon in the log above, which causes the generated packet to fail the parse test prior to upload. I'll have a chunk of code coming up that will default the icon or said to the default if there is any parse error. You can either edit user-setting.text or send an icon command to reset/change.

PU5SMS - Saez
South of Bazil

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