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JJ Cummings

Taken directly from the rules sample file:

    * SYSTEM - The name of the sytem as listed in the main hblink configuration file (e.g. hblink.cfg)
        This MUST be the exact same name as in the main config file!!!
    * TS - Timeslot used for matching traffic to this confernce bridge
        XLX connections should *ALWAYS* use TS 2 only.
    * TGID - Talkgroup ID used for matching traffic to this conference bridge
        XLX connections should *ALWAYS* use TG 9 only.
    * ON and OFF are LISTS of Talkgroup IDs used to trigger this system off and on. Even if you
        only want one (as shown in the ON example), it has to be in list format. None can be
        handled with an empty list, such as " 'ON': [] ".
    * TO_TYPE is timeout type. If you want to use timers, ON means when it's turned on, it will
        turn off afer the timout period and OFF means it will turn back on after the timout
        period. If you don't want to use timers, set it to anything else, but 'NONE' might be
        a good value for documentation!
    * TIMOUT is a value in minutes for the timout timer. No, I won't make it 'seconds', so don't
        ask. Timers are performance "expense".
    * RESET is a list of Talkgroup IDs that, in addition to the ON and OFF lists will cause a running
        timer to be reset. This is useful   if you are using different TGIDs for voice traffic than
        triggering. If you are not, there is NO NEED to use this feature.

So what this means… in the ON:[] array you put the TGID in that would effectively “Activate” the line if it is set to TO_TYPE:’ON’
In the OFF:[] array it’s a way to turn OFF that specific line (or TG) where TO_TYPE is set to OFF or one has been turned ON with the former command etc..
RESET is a TG value that resets the timer.. descriptions are all pretty clear, give them a read above..

On Feb 17, 2021, at 4:40 PM, David KE6UPI <dshaw@...> wrote:

Thanks Doug, I would like to understand what the brackets are used for after
'ON':[]  I get the TG would be the same.
'OFF':[]  Would this be like using TG4000
'Reset':[]  ?? Not sure how I would use this.

'Local 2': [
            {'SYSTEM': 'LAX-HBlink',         'TS': 2, 'TGID': 2,             'ACTIVE': True,  'TIMEOUT': 0, 'TO_TYPE':'NONE',  'ON': [],            'OFF': [],    'RESET': []},
            {'SYSTEM': 'X-Server',             'TS': 2, 'TGID': 110618,   'ACTIVE': True,  'TIMEOUT': 0, 'TO_TYPE':'NONE',  'ON': [],             'OFF': [],    'RESET': []},


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