Re: setting up dmrlink IPSC_Bridge #support #dmrlink

Randy AA6RH

We're missing some valuable info here. I'll set out a list:

  • Which script are you invoking? Let us know how you're kicking this off.
  • Attach any config files. Make copies and redact whatever you must, but copypasta and screenshots won't do.
  • Under [LOGGER] in the configuration file, consider changing INFO to DEBUG and capturing the output to share here.
  • A general plan of what the DMRlink master is meant to accomplish (is it just reflecting all talk groups to all peers? Are there routing/bridging/other rules in play? I get the feeling based on your post that this isn't (yet) the case, but your intentions will help with debug.

I don't personally have a network of IPSC/MOTOTRBO repeaters to test against, so a lot of this troubleshooting is going to be done on paper, at least on my end.
Randy Hall AA6RH (not K7AGE, quit asking) 😁

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