locked HBLINK ECHO-PARROT and DudeSTAR #parrot #closed #hblink #echo #dudestar

Heitor Mercaldi


I have sucessfully configured a HBlink3 private server ( http://vps29637.publiccloud.com.br) with PARROT just for learning purposes.
I use just 2 TGs:  13 for Local and 9999 for ECHO - parrot.
This week i was testing the PC version of DroidStar (DudeStar) connected my server and realize that i can use it at my local TG 13, however its doesn't work at PARROT 9999.
Other tests shows that the same issue happens in any HBlink or FreeDMR servers.
Additionally i get the following behavior in my server: 
1) TX from RADIO to 9999 -> Everything works fine and all nodes (repeaters, hotspots, DudeStar) receive the transmision and ECHO return;
2) TX from DudeStar to 9999 -> Everyone receive the transmision but no return, additionaly the PARROT call shows a TX time of a hundreds seconds;
3) TX from Radio to 9999 after DudeStar tx to same TG - > Everyone receives the radio TX and the ECHO returns to all connected nodes  with the last 2 transmissions like a FIFO.

Anyone could explain me this behavior ?

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