locked Re: HBLINK ECHO-PARROT and DudeSTAR #hblink #closed #echo #dudestar #parrot

Randy AA6RH

I'm not entirely convinced it's HBLink that is at issue here, since BM eventually delivers the audio. It's not like HBLink is storing it somewhere until a DMR subscriber radio actually tries the talk group again (at least that's the way you described this).

DudeStar being a terminal access client, and BM going through the process of requiring such clients to connect in a different way than repeaters and hotspots leaves me thinking there's some strangeness happening there. It may ultimately come down to "don't connect DudeStar to HBLink until we can implement the connection protocol in the same way that BM does" (if that is even possible).

HBLink simply doesn't have a sophisticated way to store traffic for later delivery, so I am looking for more data to support the claim that HBLink is the source of the problem here.

Randy Hall AA6RH (not K7AGE, quit asking) 😁

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