Re: Newbie Setting Up HBlink for private server #hblink #dmr_utils #github #dmrlink #mmdvm_bridge

OH1E Riku

Hi again, thanks for answering Dean,
okey i tried now different approach it turns out the problem was all along on my network.
as I use double internet connection to my servers on internal IP:s (yes i use bound for 2x service providers) it was all along the problem.
it seems the UDP packets reach 2x times on destination and hblink cannot intrepid it right as I'm using bounding for sending packets on both internet service provides to have high avalibity, if internet disconnects or have hangups, it has lossless interruption. as i need lossless connection to server rather than speed. and this 4G LTE internets is bad here they keep hanging and disconnect, this way i have lossless connection to my server most of the time.

i think this problem is very very rare, as not much people using this way :) only work around for this, is route the packets through other internet via public IP. using internet IP through VPN tunnels is not an option this time. i was to do test server and use that internal-ip but well, we cannot always win..

sorry for the inconvenience for everyone I bring along :) Nice to have it working. i though it was on debian10 problem as it was only difference.
best 73, OH1E

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