Re: HBlink3 to YSF Reflector

GB7NR Support

Hi, yes you can. HBlink is a DMR Master server. So use an MMDVM Cross Mode tool to bring YSF into DMR. For example YSF2DMR. 

Simply connect to your HBLink master with the use of YSF2DMR. Run this on your YSF Reflector instance. Visit GitHub and search for MMDVM_CM, compile the appropriate tool using make, make install, and configure as necessary. 


On 30 Mar 2022, at 02:15, W8DSB <w8dsb@...> wrote:

Can HBLINK connect to a remote YSF Reflector? If so can you please post a sample .cfg amd rule file? Both the HBlink and the YSF are my clubs. I am not trying to connect to something that is not my system.

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