HBLINK3 will not start if YSFRelflector is running first


I have a server with ASL, ALLMON, DVSwitch (2x), HBLINK3, YSFReflector installed. When I reboot everything starts up ok (no issues). When I stop HBLINK or run dvswitch.sh to update data files HBLINK will not restart. If I stop YSFReflector then start HBLINK it will start, then I can restart YSFReflector.

I think its something to do with Python versions but I am far from any type of expert.

At this point I have to call DVSwitch.sh let it update the files then reboot in my CRONTAB... hoping for something a little less aggressive.

I looked at teh HBLINK logs and YSF logs nothing in there....what else can I review?

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