Injecting Talker alias to Master Peers #talkeralias #hblink

Jason Govan

Hi All,
         I have recently deployed HBLink to provide a common point for my hotspots in my car and at the QTH to connect to instead of running DMRGateway on each unit. I felt that running DMRGateway would make my configuration inconsistent with each unit. All going well so far with it bringing talkgroups from both Brandmeister and VK-DMR.

I run a Simoco SDM-622 DMR radio in my car, partly so I don't have bulky displays on show. The only issue unlike the Anytone D578 in the house, is that the contact list is quite limited. It can't even hold all of the DMR contacts inside VK. One of the most recent versions of firmware from Simoco has recently added Talker alias to the mix. This works well for those contacts that are transmitting it or from Brandmeister, but I now want to look at how to extend this to all contacts like Brandmeister.

I did attempt to pull apart HBlink over the weekend to understand how it might be passing through Talker alias's so I can figure out how to generate the packets myself, but I have hit a brick wall while trying to identify the packets embedding it when I transmit to the Parrot. One thing that I was able to achieve was being able send OPTIONS from a MMDVM so I could signal HBLink that something could be sent specifically to that device.

I was wondering if anyone out in the HBlink universe has attempted to do a similar injection to send the Talker Alias to Master peers using the ETSI standard?

Thanks in advance
Jason - VK3PMR