HBlink to IPSC bridge questions #hblink

Jim Kusznir

Hi all:
I'm fairly new to DMR, and have been delving into the server side of supporting both MMDVM "Hotspots" and MMDVM repeater controllers.  I'm working on the PNW Digital network presently, and I've managed to get a stack up and running allowing an MMDVM bridge server to connect to the c-bridge with HBlink3, hb_bridge, and "bridge" (DMR_Bridge?).  I've gotten it functional, but have a few questions about how to do it "right".
First, it appears that HBlink3 uses python3, while the other two bridges are currently only available in python2 variants...is that accurate, or are my sources out of date?  This has the net effect of causing two versions of the various libraries used.
Second, for some reason, HBlink3's version of the various dictionaries seems incompatible with the other two programs...They refuse to start with python stack traces if they are pointed toward an actual dictionary file that works  for HBlink3.  Is this expected?  What purpose does the dictionaries serve at this level anyway?  It appears to just pass the traffic with the group IDs through; I haven't seen anywhere it decodes the various ID numbers thus far.
Third, HBlink3 has been Docker'ified, but I don't see similar for hb_bridge and the IPSC_Bridge.  Is that also accurate?
Forth, I'm told that the HBlink3 instance should be customized for supporting single slot MMDVM-DMR bridges over dual-slot MMDVM-DVR bridges.  What are those customizations, or was I misinformed?
Is there a "recommended procedures" to deploy a server to support MMDVM clients from an IPSC c-bridge?
Thanks for your time!
--Jim, K7LL


Hi, Jim I try to answer a few of your questions. Yes HBlink3 is python3 and hblink and IPSC are both python2 I have not had any issues on these set ups on both debian 9 & 10. take a look at the below install info hopefully this will help, any coding or OS issues I will defer this to the experts out here.

Debian 10  X64
# as root
apt-get update
apt-get upgrade -y
apt-get install git -y
apt-get install python-pip -y
apt-get install python3-pip -y
apt-get install python-twisted -y
apt-get install python3-twisted -y
pip install dmr-utils
pip3 install dmr-utils3

#as a regular user
git clone -b IPSC_Bridge https://github.com/HBLink-org/DMRlink.git
git clone -b HB_Bridge https://github.com/HBLink-org/HBLink.git
git clone https://github.com/HBLink-org/hblink3.git

# copying config files
cp DMRlink/dmrlink_SAMPLE.cfg DMRlink/dmrlink.cfg
cp HBLink/hblink-SAMPLE.cfg HBLink/hblink.cfg
cp hblink3/hblink-SAMPLE.cfg hblink3/hblink.cfg
cp hblink3/rules_SAMPLE.py hblink3/rules.py

# Starting the programs
DMRlink: python IPSC_Bridge.py
HBlink:  python HB_Bridge.py
HBlink3: python3 bridge.py



(Repository URL's updated 10/18/20)