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  The accounts can be uploaded from either a PC running AB or a web site and then imported into DVSM.

First the file:
- The file name MUST be IAXRPT_Accounts.json
- The file is an array of account objects: (there are three below, An example placeholder, a IAX2 and a USRP account)

"mAutoConnect": true_or_false,
"mCallName": "YOUR_CALL_HERE",
"mCallNo": "",
"mCodecType": 100,
"mProtocol": "IAX2_OR_USRP",
"mReceiveLevel": ZERO_TO_ONE_HUNDRED,
"mTransmitLevel": ZERO_TO_ONE_HUNDRED,
"mAutoConnect": true,
"mCallName": "N0CALL",
"mCallNo": "",
"mCodecType": 100,
"mHost": "",
"mNodeNo": "100",
"mPassword": "MY_SECRET_PASSWORD",
"mPort": "4569",
"mProtocol": "IAX2",
"mReceiveLevel": 100,
"mTransmitLevel": 75,
"mTxPort": "34001",
"mUserName": "Demo"
"mAutoConnect": true,
"mCallName": "N4IRR",
"mCallNo": "3113043",
"mCodecType": 100,
"mHost": "",
"mNodeNo": "",
"mPassword": "",
"mPort": "12345",
"mProtocol": "USRP",
"mReceiveLevel": 100,
"mTransmitLevel": 25,
"mTxPort": "12345",
"mUserName": "N4IRR"

- Leave codec type to 100 for server selected
- You may have up to 10 array entries.
- Once you have the json file prepared, you can then use either + Analog_Bridge to upload the file (pushFile)
- Or place the file on a web server, use your mobile browser to download the file to the device (not view it, download it)
- Open the DVSM app, visit the Accounts tab and you should now see your accounts.
- Check/select the account you want to use
- DVSM should delete the json file from your download folder after it is processed.

Mike N4IRR