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Now that you have pyUC running on your desktop, you want to go to your TG or reflector. How do you do that? There are 2 ways of going to your TG, let's start from the Main screen:
On the right hand side, you see the Talk Group box. Notice at the bottom left I have highlighted the TG button.

When you click on that button you will get a pop-up window. Enter the TG you want in that pop-up.

Enter your desired TG and click on OK. Nothing happened? Well, actually it did. Drag down the scroll bar to the right of the TG list.

You will see your added TG at the bottom of the list. You can now click on that TG to select it and
then click connect. You should now be connected to your TG. Do I really have to do this each time
I want to go to my favorite TG? No, this is how you can enter a TG on the fly.

You can also edit and add TGs or reflectors to the list you are presented for each mode.
That information is stored in the
pyUC.ini file let's look at the [DMR] stanza.

# This section defines the talkgroups used when pyUC is in DMR mode
Disconnect = 4000           ; Must be first entry in list
Parrot = "9990#"            ; Note the pound sign?  (private call)
North America = 3100
TAC310 = 310
World Wide = 91
Florida = 3112
Georgia = 3113
Texas = 3148
California = 3106
DVSwitch = 3166
Call Area 4 = 31094
BYRG = 31201
SNARS = 31268
QuadNet = 31012
N4IRS = "3112138#"          ; Note the pound sign?  (private call)
Alabama Link = 31010
Colorado HD = 31088
The Guild = 31674

Not really "rocket science" here. Simply add your desired TG to the list. Yes, you can change the order.
The format is simple, Name = TG number. Notice the Parrot and N4IRS are followed by a # sign.
This means the entry is a Private call. Pretty simple.