please update cisco v.24 info?

Ken KE2N

The files section has some nice info on the connection between a Cisco router and the Quantar v.24 jack.

But the cisco information is out of date.  It is based on a serial card (WIC-1T) that has a 60 pin jack and a related cable that goes from 60 pin to 25 pin RS232.

The equipment presently available on eBay (HWIC-1T) has a "smart serial"  jack which has a proprietary 26-pin connector where the male part is kind of an edge connector in a D-shell.

By not paying careful attention, I have bought several cables that I cannot use.  My latest guess at the right cable: 
CAB SS 232 FC  (P/N 72-1430-01)

Anyone know if this will work? Can I assume the interface connection to the Quantar V.24 RJ45 jack is the same as the original article?


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