Re: please update cisco v.24 info?

Ken KE2N

Thanks John.  I don't know why, but when I searched for the cisco serial card 1-2 months ago, the only thing that came up was the HWIC cards (-1T in this case).  But you are right, searching anew tonight, I see the WIC cards with 60-pin connectors.

My problem has been in identifying the correct cable to use.   Steve just said he is using the exact same part number as the one I just ordered and he has the WIC card which I understand has the 60-pin connector on it.  Yet the vendor photo of the cable I ordered shows a 26-pin connector. So its confusing to say the least.  In another week I will know if it's the right cable.   Thank you for confirming that (1) it must be the cable with the female DB25 and (2) the wiring to the Quantar is the same.    I plan to cut a cheap Ethernet cable in half and solder the leads to a male DB25 connector, to complete the connection

73,  Ken

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