mmdvm_bridge not starting

Steve D. Jones

Attempting to get a new installation going after my old Pi died. Setup is a Quantar with an 1841 router and a Pi Zero.

Installed Raspbian, followed the installation instructions, edited a few files and can't get it working. Compared files to one of my other working installations and I don't see anything different. The only thing I notice that seems strange is I don't have an mmdvm log file in /var/log/mmdvm. I do have a P25Gateway log file but that's it.

Figured mmdvm_bridge wasn't starting. systemctl list shows it's not running. Starting it manually shows it as activating and eventually is goes to an inactive status.

In the .ini file I changed the [General] and [Info} sections of the file, Changed the [P25] Enable to 1, changed the NAC and under [P25 Network] I changed Enable to 1.

Any suggestions?

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