Cisco 1841

Aaron Groover

Good Early morning folks! So I recently acquired a Motorola Quantar never used believe it or not. It was from my father. He recently passed last month 6/10 so he is SK. Our project was to get the repeater up and running the weekend he passed. So I took it upon myself to continue what he always wanted. W3NTT was his call. 

I started off in the digital world of radio and not much of analog. But i can program analog machines, alignment, and so forth. 

So with that being said I will be getting a 1841 given to me for linking purposes. I am not familiar with this forum. Didn't even know it existed to be honest. So I wanted to know what all can this router do or link to with the quantar. The repeater is up and running 2 days after he passed. 

Can someone give me some information please on what these can do with the repeater? That would be great. Again, thank you all in advance. 



Thank You,


Aaron Groover

(610) 379 6148








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