Installing DVSwitch Server without using the RPi image via apt-get

Ken Kayser

The new DVSwitch server can be installed on any Debian installation in the normal way.  The first step is to add the dvswitch repo to you system.  Then you can just do the install using apt-get and start the menu system from a terminl window.  Here are the steps:

 open a terminal window on your Debian system (or ssh in), switch to your home directory  and enter the following commands:
 sudo chmod +x buster
 sudo ./buster
 sudo apt-get update
 sudo apt-get install dvswitch-server

Once the install is complete, reboot the server.
Enter "dvs" (no quotes) in a terminal window to start the dvswitch menu system.  Proceed to configure the system as described in the DVSwitch Installation and User Guide.

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