Re: DVSwitch Server installed on a SHARI (HAMVOIP) node

Steve N4IRS

I have finished the first version of a install method for DVSwitch Server on HamVoIP. I'm sure there will be revisions so I am requesting that if you want to play with this, you do it on a fresh HamVoIP SD card. Note, this does work with the latest update to HamVoIP. I tried to keep the changes to HamVoIP to as few as possible.

Start with a fresh HamVoIP image.
Apply system updates
Skip first time install
Start Bash shell interface

cd /
chmod +x hamvoip
Start Bash shell interface
Do basic setup of DVSwitch
Enter a IAX password if you are going to use DVSwitch Mobile
Setup your AllStar node
SA818-prog (if you have a SHARI and need to configure it.
You are set. DVSwitch-Server is connected to your private node 1999

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