Hamvention 2019

Steve N4IRS

Mike and I will be attending Hamvention this year. We are looking forward to meeting those of you who are either using DVSwitch programs or are interested in discussing how to use the programs for your particular application. I honestly mentioned to Mike that we should bring a white board but I don't think it actually work in practice. ;)

Space will be somewhat limited so we don't plan having any "demo" equipment on the table. We will be able to demo and discuss DVSwitch Mobile connected to a "Hot Spot in the cloud" for ASL, Echolink, DMR, D-Star, YSF, NXDN and P25. All these modes are available to a Android cell phone or one of the PTT enabled "Network Radios"

We will be hanging out in what has been called the "Repeater Builder" space at the end of a row in the race track infield #7727 One of the nice things about the RB group is the number of different interests represented. including those
associated with the following companies, organizations, and projects:

AllStarLink, Inc.
Masters Communications
and more.

Should anyone be interested in asking questions, buying products, or serving

warrants, some of the people who can be found staffing the spaces include:

Bob Dengler NO6B
Bob Schmid WA9FBO
Corey Lardinois KB9BNA
Dave Maciorowski WA1JHK
Dylan Beaty KC3DVR
Jeff DePolo WN3A
John Sichert KA3LAO
Kevin Custer W3KKC
Mike Zingman N4IRR
Steve Zingman N4IRS
Scott Zimmerman N3XXC

Skipp May WV6F
Tom Cooney W3SF
Yes this is a retread of the post Jeff created for some of the other lists.

73, Steve N4IRS and Mike, N4IRR