locked sticky Improper signals sent to digital networks.

Steve N4IRS

I have noticed a SHARP increase in reports of ASL <-> digital bridges sending unwanted audio to the digital networks. What do I mean by unwanted audio?
You should not send any telemetry tones or CW IDs from ASL to a digital network!
You should not send any voice telemetry (Allison) to a digital network!
You should not bridge to a digital network where a bridge in not allowed. I mean by this, bridging ASL to a busy TG on BrandMeister without permission. Bridging ASL to the NA p25 reflector.
You SHOULD respond to network operators requesting that you stop bridging quickly.

I have made most of the above mistakes during testing. As soon as I found out it was happening, I pulled the plug and fixed my issue. I contacted the network operators to apologize.

This is happening on DMR and P25, This is the quickest way I know to give ASL and DVSwitch a black eye. In the case of P25, it can give the whole MMDVM P25 network a black eye with the Quantar people considering adding repeaters to the reflectors. 

THINK before you connect. Understand the digital network you are connecting to. How well would it go over if you connected a world wide DMR TG to any of the big ASL hubs? 

Steve N4IRS