Re: Looking for a suggestion bridging BM TG to XLXD (DMR)

Steve N4IRS

why does it have to be a 6 digit TG?
What HBMonitor shows does not mean much, what does HB log say?
What about a OBP connection?
If you have to do it with MMDVM_Bridge, do it with 2 instances of MMDVM_Bridge cross connected.

Steve N4IRS

On 10/26/21 6:56 PM, Komkit Listisard via wrote:

BM would not do that with 6 digits TG to an XLX, we do not have a master server or BM team in our country.   DMR repeater is out of the question due to local laws and regulations. So we do not have many options.   

At any rate,  did have HBlink bridged TGIF TG to XLXD no issue at all but try to do the same with BM, my HBmon is showing red/orange in the peer systems displays while TGIF network is green.

This should be it or I am missing something:

MASTER_IP:  BM IP address
PASSPHRASE: 1234567 (yes, I entered my real passcode in the config)

Otherwise I will have to go the longer way by creating a YSF reflector and bridge BM TG using MMDVM_Bridge then again another MMDVM_Bridge from YSF reflector to XLXD 4005.

Much longer way but it is what it is.  Not sure if that would even work.   

Thank you kindly, Kit

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