Re: Unable to access DMR via DVSwitch ( #dvs #brandmeister ) #brandmeister #dvs


i got a info from DK5RAS , the server from DE 2621, 2622 and 2001 will not support DVSwicht devices for big talkgroups  (like91) anymore. The reason for that are some obscure problems with software implementations between DVSwich and  BM, also perhaps some personal reasons with some users. to
This info reaches me via telegram from DK5RAS.
Interesting hereby is, this is a german problem (once again), all or most other BM  master servers did not restrict users from beeing us of DVSwitch at this time. The workaround to change Master Server to another country as described before is still fine.
Id like to share this info with you unfortunally there is no other information from BM according to this intentionally based problem.
Maybe it could be a good intention both sides DEV DVS and DEV BM should go into deep discussions to rework problems, it is not a good idea (as happens) here deliberately handle problems at the users back.
BR Stefan DL1ESZ

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