Re: DMR bridge to Allstar - Loose DMR Master connection #brandmeister #mmdvm_bridge

Corey Dean N3FE

I went back 5 days on the logs and the last entry on 3102 was

Nov 18 18:39:58 dmrxbm Master 3102[908289]: Connection of MMDVM Host system 310022399 ( removed

Prior to that everything was fine and you didn't lose connection at all.

since that time you have been connected to 3104 and never skipped a beat there either, other than one simple service restart I did over the weekend, and you were connected right back within 30 seconds.  As I see it there was no issues at all.It never lost connection except for the time I restarted a service and when you moved it from 3102 to 3104.  I never even saw it on 3103.

Corey  N3FE

I have zero record of you on 3103

On 2021-11-22 13:44, Wayne Nixon wrote:

Hey Corey, 

Thank you. So far today it has stayed connected. Its currently connected to
The DMR id is 310022399

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