Re: ircddbgateway to XLX reflector


On 12/12/21 2:24 am, Patrick Perdue wrote:

I know this isn't a forum for ircddbgateway, but I am trying to get it
connected to my XLX reflector on module B.

Currently, I have a setup involving XLX with a pair of AMBE dongles,
which I set up before implementing ASL and DVSwitch over two years
ago. This means there is a second layer of transcoding between Allstar
and D-STAR. I want to attach this to an instance of Analog_Bridge, and
thus, Analog_Reflector, to remove this layer of transcoding, and free
up one of my AMBE dongles in the process. However, I'm not familiar
enough with ircddbgateway to really know what I'm doing, and have read
so many forum posts that nothing makes sense anymore.
Unfortunately, the problem here is xlxd itself.  The PCM stream isn't
made available to the outside world.  The ideal solution is to add USRP
support to xlxd, which would allow it to be linked directly to
Analog_Reflector, AllStar, etc.  Of course, you'd still need both AMBE
dongles.  I suspect adding USRP would be a complicated undertaking,
because of how the transcoding is used dynamically between modules as

While there's a lot to like about xlxd, it can also be a pain to
integrate into more complex networks.

A workaround is to use different modules for D-STAR and DMR/Fusion. 
Each with its own instance of Analog_Bridge and MMDVM_Bridge, with
ircDDBGateway linking to the D-STAR module.  Note that you need to use a
different IP for ircDDBGateway and xlxd, because both listen on the same
ports.  I use a variation of this idea for my main multimode reflector. 
XLX432 D is the D-STAR reflector.  Fusion (Same codec as DMR) has its
own reflector.

73 de Tony VK3JED/VK3IRL

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