Re: What is an ISPC2 Server?

Steve N4IRS

There may be more work done on IPSC_Bridge and HB_Bridge still to come. I'll do some testing.


On 12/13/2021 9:15 AM, Kim-Benjamin L├╝tkemeier via wrote:
yes Steve
Unit / Private call is the same, I try to find a solution for this

hb_bridge (connected on a hblink3 server) receives corrrectly the Unit call i think it was 0x80 for groupcall and 0x81 for unit-call

but ipsc_bridge will transmit as like a groupcall with unit id.

Other direction IPSC_Bridge to hblink its not programmed in the def private_call its only print('private call') maybe you have some information about the tlv protocol or its small work for mike he can maybe update it?

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