Audio adjustment DVS

David k7iou

Hello, we are stumped where to adjust the audio, (DMR to analog).
It’s great coming from the analog repeater side to DMR but from DMR to analog it’s in the dirt and needs to be raised. We are connecting the Clear node to the EchoLink on the repeater system and don’t want to adjust EL on the repeater because it’s balanced correctly.

Also we are all reeling from the recent passing 12/16 of one of our (leaders, father to many) hams in the group who helped set this up and we did his last call on the system last night.

I’m not on site so I’d have to relay the information and help them walk through the adjustment.

It would be greatly appreciated if you could display step by step because we are still learning-dummies…..

Regards de David k7iou

MMDVM_Bridge and Analog_Bridge 
ClearNode software distribution. We are currently supporting DMR, P25, System Fusion YFS Reflectors, FCS Rooms and NXDN Reflectors. 

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