Re: Dashboard is not swown correcty

Steve N4IRS

The dashboard port number is determined by the web server. If you rare running nginx and lighttpd with default configurations, both servers are trying to service port 80. Stop lighttpd with:
systemctl stop lighttpd
systemctl disable lighttpd

The upgrade required on port 8080 you can ignore. That is the webproxy used to deliver receive audio.

Steve N4IRS

On 12/30/21 6:08 AM, pietro.schimmenti@... wrote:
Hi all, i hope in your help :-)
Well i installed the server with the Raspberry image and no problem at all. It'up&running. I also have a relatively powe VPS with Ubuntu 20.04.
Primarly i use it for my projects so the conf. is nginx primarly. 
I installed the dvswitch server on it. Fortunately no problem. dvs starts at first shot and all services is up and running despite the lighttpd was installed there are no issues with the nginx and also ports are correctly configured server side and on the firewall/nat.
Well what happens? All run smoothly except the dashboard. If i connect on port 80 (but i tried even other ports) i can see only the header and the RX button.
It is so strange...even the sound is working but the dashboard is totally missing no error shown.
Worst is for the monitoring that does not answer on default port.
Connecting to port 8080 a message say "upgrade required", then i upgraded googling that "piece" that seemed not update. Fortunatelly i made a snapshot of the vps , i don't lost nothing but that upgrade crashed both lightd and nginx so for sure was not the right solution.
Does someone of you have/had same issues?
I hope i was clear in explaining all because i would like a working solution if it exist. It is a production server so i don't want to play with it unless somo fix/workaround will solve the issue.
To be honest it's not crucial for me because the dvswitch works good so the dashboard give me just the plus of seeing qrz people on my server but nothing more.
Neither the monitoring is crucial due the server is fully monitored already with the cloud tools. So it's just to finish the job nothing more ...and understand how come.
Thanks in advance,
Pietro IU2DLC.

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