Re: DVSwitch after set TX TLV to any value manual in*0 from mobile app ANdroid tlv value stays always to 0


Ive made some investigations and found thats the tlv change will be transported into the Anagog_Bridge.ini with value 0,00 but the problem is the , comma it must be a point. if i change the value manually in Analog Bridge.ini with a dot instead a comma means 0,25 to o.25 manually it works well until i change value in Mobile app from 0* menzue this will affect the comma value instead of a dot.

I remeberer comma and dot problems are often occurs by local setinggs of OS using comma instead of dot but i sett the raspbery bullseys version similar to the buster version (means into german) as always.
Any Ideas?

Stefan DL1ESZ

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